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Software Asset Management

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Maximize your software value with SofTrack Managed Assets

Empower your Software Asset Management with full-time software monitoring, engagement detection plus installation inventory and usage reporting.



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Top reasons to consider SofTrack Managed Assets (SMA)

  • Discover not-used applications, find where applications are installed but are not opened or engaged

  • Realize component utilization of application suites such as Adobe® CC, report true user utilization of each suite component

  • Detects idle vs active application utilization including pages viewed and time spent per view

  • No reliance on third party license managers, enabling quick and easy installation as there is no requirement to connect SMA to third party license managers

  • Uniform view of all application usage; all application usage is always tracked by user for all online and offline workstations

  • Quietly track all application and browser usage including searches without any browser-specific plugins

  • Discover internet upload and download activity, amount of data transferred, site names and network addresses connected to

  • When needed, view user activity, second-by-second, what they were viewing, page titles and more

  • Identify application usage by process filename, vendor, version and by application name

  • Schedule Automatic Reporting, including graphs and sortable html output, distributed via email and/or filepath

  • Includes a large variety of additional actionable data on many user actions enabling you to receive critical reporting on what is important to you

    You win by staying on top of your software assets and user activity.

    If you are an IT leader (Director, Administrator, Manager, Systems Analyst) you need to control software licensing costs and understand how your software licenses are being utilized.

    SofTrack Managed Assets (SMA) provides key metrics of software license activity, usage, and engagement in a single platform benefiting budget allocations throughout your enterprise.

    Using SMA's unique detection and monitoring workstation client, all user activity while online and offline are journaled for complete reporting.



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    Solution Brief [PDF]


    Full-time software monitoring

    Enabling full-time software monitoring is the SMA workstation agent. Specifically developed to continuously monitor all user-initiated application usage, you will receive full accounting of all software utilized.

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    Engagement detection

    Building on continuous software utilization monitoring, the SMA workstation agent also provides vital details of user engagement. You will realize when applications are idle, active and documentation of each page viewed plus time spent viewing each page enables a deep analysis of user engagement. When applications are idle or with few page views may indicate where user training is needed or simply where software licenses are being activated without benefit.

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    Inventory Audit Baseline

    Daily workstation inventory updates provide an overview of both your software and hardware installations. Details include all installed software including operating system version. Critically, the software inventory is utilized to create an Audit Position report where you can discover unused software installations.

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    Metrics per department, region, merger, acquistion, other

    SMA utilizies Microsoft® SQL Server and can be configured to create separate databases for different segments within your organization. We call them Entities and each can be later combined or separated as needed. By providing the option to silo your workstation activity you can easily group by any requirement, for instance, by cost center, department, geographic location, merger and acquisition organizations and more. There is no limit to the number of Entities that can be designated to help you logically arrange your data collection, reporting and more.

    Utilization Intelligence

    Useful for product suites as well as standalone applications, SMA provides the ability to normalize software into categories that can then be used to report application usage by application product name and version. When using software categories, Utilization Intelligence reporting will automatically summarize each component (i.e. application name) used, unique page titles average per usage, average active time, average idle time as well as the overall number of usages by workstation and user.

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    Justify software licensing costs

    Avoid paying for deployed software that is never used or under-utilized. Use SofTrack Managed Assets to justify your software spend, and reduce your renewal costs by eliminating overspending on under-used applications. Be ready for any software vendor audit. Usage engagement reporting can reveal when additional user training is needed to receive beneficial results of your software budget.

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    Understand user activity and engagement

    Our unique technology helps you understand the level of user engagement for each software application. In addition to workstation and user, usage metrics include, per usage instance: active time, idle time, unique pages viewed. For the deepest analysis, when needed, our insightful User-Day report reveals second-by-second which applications including page title each user was actively viewing throughout the day including screensaver activity. Additionally, Software Categories can provide the foundation for an acceptable software usage policy. Quickly discover applications engaged by users that are not approved and decide further actions.

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    Better informed budgeting decisions

    Discover our powerful Audit Position Summary report. Additionally benefit from our unique Utilization Intelligence and Idle versus Active Application Usage reports.

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    Merger and Acquistions

    Completing mergers and acquisitions to create a new organization requires you to quickly assess your audit position for the newly acquired assets. Our SMA client is simple and easy to install, giving you a highly productive method to quickly obtain the insights you need.

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