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Measure User Productivity

Silently tracking activities

A compact agent monitors and journals all applications used, caption/page title of every page viewed (including all browsers), active and idle application usage time including screen saver time. Additionally provides full timecard detail, logon, lock, unlock and logoff times.

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Discover Application Utilization

Fully documenting user activity

Automatically detects each application opened and utilized. Records user active time and idle time per application instance. Includes executable file publisher and version details, enabling specific recognition of different versions of the same product. Application usage can be graphed for concurrent usage comparison.

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Control Software Usage

Providing concurrent license control

We created software metering in 1987 and provide best-in-class software usage control. Controls include idle detection, alerting and optional termination, customizable usage blocking, user license self-checkout for offline use and much more.

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Hardware Status

Profiling workstations and servers

Workstation and server hardware details are regularly collected. Set email reminders for workstations and applications. Operating system and Applications installed are also automatically detected and documented. Locate installed applications, out-of-date hardware, primary drives with low free space, MAC addresses of all network adapters and much more.

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Records Storage and Retrieval

Providing a central records repository

Directly associate your purchase, maintenance, warranty and renewal records with applications and devices. Create ad-hoc details as required. Store and retrieve all required documention files. Includes ability to manually add applications and devices further extending functionality. Set automatic email reminders for any application, device or grouping.

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