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Software Asset Management
Spreadsheet Templates

Free Software Asset Management Spreadsheet Templates:

Ready to augment or replace your Software Asset Management (SAM) spreadsheets?

Many organizations rely on spreadsheets to track their software licenses. This costly, time-consuming, and error-prone process can leave you at the mercy of your vendors in an audit. Even if your organization is small and uses just a few software products, without a SAM tool, it is impossible to read all the licenses and apply the product use rights.

And if your organization is larger with many software products and complicated metrics tied to virtualization, then doing SAM with a spreadsheet is futile.

Spreadsheets are unreliable in an audit and cannot be used to develop procurement, allocation, and contract renegotiation strategies. They also cannot automate data collection or actively report daily changes.

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Save money, time and more

You can save time, money, and headaches when you use SofTrack's Managed Assets to manage and track your company’s software usage.


Workstation hardware is reported daily. Details include primary user, free space on each installed disk, RAM installed, CPU count, Monitor resolution, Windows Installation Key, IsGenuine status, Experience index and much more.
Includes ability to manually add non-computer devices to track.


All installed applications are detected and reported. Details include version, installation method, installation date and more.
Built-in Application normalization allows you to group applications as needed.
Recent username is also reported.


Additional reporting includes usage of each installed application. Reporting reveals unused applications, most used applications, most used application versions, average idle versus active times and much more.

Email Reminders

Create email reminders, associated with specific workstations or applications. Email content is unlimited, for instance, software renewals, device service or replacement and more. Emails can be set to repeat as needed.

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