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Software Asset Management
Software Auditing

Software Audits

There are many reasons for conducting a software audit including vendor requests, saving money by removing/not renewing unused software, verifying approved software versions are utilized and even to discover unapproved or unlicensed software.

By maintaining and regularly reviewing internal software audit results, you will be able to determine software renewal needs and keep your environment operating as you best determine.

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Software Audit Checklist

Often a Software Audit  requires the process of determining what software is installed and how often each is used including where and by whom. Whether your current Software Audit requirement is due to vendor request, merger, acquisition or refresh of previous effort, we can help.

SofTrack Managed Assets provides solid support for your Software Asset Management processes. We recommend the following checklist to further your software audit goals:

  • Establishing your Software Estate
  • Categorizing your Software Estate
  • Determining your Software Utilization
  • Gathering and centrally storing all purchase records (evidencing all software licenses)

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Establishing your Software Estate

SofTrack Managed Assets utilizes two methods to obtain details of each software application in your environment. The initial method, with nearly immediate results, is a daily workstation software inventory of each installed software application. The second method is recording of each software application opened by a user - this method is designed to continually update and provide record of every usage. By combining these two methods, SofTrack Managed Assets can provide you with more details than either method alone can provide.

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Categorizing your Software Estate

Once your software inventory and usage are gathered you can easily create software categories that serves as a meta-tag to quickly identify the software per your requirements. The software categories you create could be as simple as approved, pending approval, disapproved, and remove asap. Or software categories might be more specific such as Adobe Suite, Accounting tools, Office products and more.

New software can easily be located because it will not yet be categorized. When new software appears, on any workstation in your environment, you can quickly act on it to determine if it is to be approved.

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Determining your Software Utilization

By continually collecting software usage details, SofTrack Managed Assets provides you with mutliple abilities to profile your software usage. The following will be available for each software application used by any user on any workstation or RDS(remote desktop session) in your environment:

  • Each software application inventoried but not used
  • Each software application opened within a selected date range including all time
  • The EXE filename for each software application opened
  • The Vendor and version of each software application opened
  • Idle time and active time for each software application
  • The number of unique pages viewed by the user during each use
  • The average time per unique page viewed during each use
  • The username for each usage

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Gathering and centrally storing purchase records

SofTrack Managed Assets facilitates centralized storage of all your hardware and software records and notes. Automatic workstation inventory collection can be synchronized with your records, incorporating the latest details.

Essential details are automatically gathered, customizations are unlimited. For example, indication of who installed a workstation (or application) and when, purchase history, connected devices (via manual entry) such as printer, scanner, KVM device, UPS, and so on can all be entered and tracked. Any required detail can be added via a custom column(s). Non-digital devices can also be added, chairs, tables, supplies and more. Additionally, any software can be manually added, for instance, planning for budgets or software not currently installed.

Additionally, automatic email reminders can be scheduled as needed and only sent to required persons.

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