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Adobe® Acrobat® Usage detail

Automatic Adobe® Acrobat® Usage

Are you needing usage statistics for Adobe® Acrobat® Usage on your Windows® workstations, both in the office and at home?

Discover Acrobat® Reader and Full Installations.

Additionally detects entitlement: Pro and/or Standard.

Find where Adobe® Acrobat® is installed and never used.

SofTrack Managed Assets helps you identify usage for all your Adobe® Acrobat® licenses. Beyond simple usage detection, SofTrack provides details of idle time and the number of pages/windows viewed per usage to help gauge activity and user involvement.

Providing automatic, no configuration required Adobe® Acrobat® usage monitoring:

  • Does not require or use Adobe® Creative Cloud for usage detection
  • Automatically detects all Adobe® Acrobat® activity
  • Includes Idle Time versus Active Time details
  • Records caption of each window viewed by the user for each usage
  • Easily create software tags to further assist usefulness of usage reporting
  • Continuously tracks all workstation activity including when offline
  • Discover where Adobe® products are installed but not used
  • Know the versions of Adobe® Acrobat® being used
  • Automatically identifies Adobe® Acrobat® usage by user
  • Report by Business Unit or other Organizational qualifier
  • Multi-Site Reporting
  • Works with all versions of Adobe® Acrobat®

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