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Discover Application Utilization

Application usage

Know every application your users start and utilizes. There is no configuration required. Usage is automatically detected and recorded. Detection includes active time, idle time and page titles of each window viewed.

Idle versus Active

Discover application utilization, idle time, active time, screensaver/locked time. Additionally provides the number of unique pages shown to the user for each application usage.

Concurrent Usage Graphing

Graphing of concurrent usage can be used to overlay multiple applications to determine overall usage across all your user desktops.

Offline and Online

Our always-on technology ensures uninterrupted tracking at all times. User activity journals are uploaded when online or can be manually transferred.

Discovery of application utilization reveals the total amount of time each application instance was directly engaged by the user and the total amount of time the application was idle. This important differentiation provides you with further clarity of application usage. Importantly, when a screen saver is active, our technology will know the active application prior to screen saver activation is idle until the screen saver is exited.

Augmenting your discovery of application utilization is our unique ability that records, second-by-second, each window caption/page title of each user-initiated application. The results provide valuable insights revealing the current focus of the users attention as most applications update the window caption in response to the focus of its activity selected by the user.