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Discover Application Utilization detail

Application Utilization Discovery includes:

  • Active time versus Idle time
  • Screen saver activity tracking
  • Window captions/page titles
  • Concurrent usage comparisons
  • SQL Server® Databases Accessed
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Determining application utilization involves several perspectives. The typical Windows® system hosts dozens of processes each respresenting an application. Many of these applications are known as system processes that a user did not directly engage. Understanding usage of only user-initiated applications can be a complex endeavor. Detecting only user-initiated applications is enabled by our unique technology utilizing an intelligent local workstation agent. The result provides you with clear visibility to the application usage you need to discover.

Our technology additionally reveals the total amount of time each application instance was directly engaged by the user and the total amount of time the application was idle. This important differentiation provides you with further clarity of application usage. Importantly, when a screen saver is active, our technology will know the active application prior to screen saver activation is idle until the screen saver is exited.

Augmenting your discovery of application utilization is our unique ability that records, second-by-second, each window caption/page title of each user-initiated application. The results provide valuable insights revealing the current focus of the users attention as most applications update the window caption in response to the focus of its activity selected by the user.

Assisting your decision making is a unique concurrent application usage report that you configure. Graphing of concurrent usage can be used to overlay multiple applications to determine overall usage across all your user desktops.

Our always on technology continuously journals all user initiated application activity including the lack of activity as shown by idle applications. When a network connection is available, detailed application activity journals are automatically uploaded to a server you control. Once uploaded, the journals are processed by a server agent into SQL Server® for reporting.

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Gathering of Application Utilization

An easy to install workstation agent that requires no configuration and no active network connection to fully operate and journal all user initiated activity. Our low-impact design typically does not require white-listing in your endpoint protection system.

Our administrator interface is used to create an MSI for installation of the workstation agent. The resulting agent installation does not appear in the list of installed applications.

The activity journals from each workstation/client will automatically be uploaded to your self-hosted cloud or on-premise server (via IPv4 or Named Pipes). The journal files can also be emailed or manually copied, providing comprehensive methods to ensure your data is always collected and reportable.

The administrator interface does provide the ability to create reporting locations (entities) for each MSI. These entities are utilized to determine the SQL database to be user for activity journals.

This unique functionality enables simple division of records by any determination you create. For instance, geographic, personnel classification, sub-contractors, and so on. The MSI entity configuration can be changed or updated as needed at each workstation. Reporting includes the ability to combine entities to achieve an overall enterprise view.

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Clients Supported

Windows® 7 and all later versions
Windows® Remote Desktop Services
Citrix® Servers (all versions)
All Virtual Windows®-based Desktops


Work from home
Online with your network
Offline from your network
Completely disconnected


Small footprint proprietary agent
Built-in MSI creation provides simple installation and removal
Supports all versions of Windows® server including Windows® Core servers
Supports all versions of SQL Server®

SQL backend

Your self-hosted server on-premise or the cloud is utilized to collect and process all user journals into SQL. We believe your data is yours, and, unlike other solutions, we do not receive your activity journals.