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Records storage and retrieval


No spreadsheets, all records are stored in SQL Server Tables, easing data entry, reporting, and data associations. Centralize all your records.

Workstations and Devices

Workstations and hardware inventory are automatically detected. Optionally add devices not inventoried, for example non-electronic devices. Create unlimited fields to store any data required, for instance, who installed, where purchased, decommision date, warranty files.


Software and Applications are inventoried. Optionally add software that is not inventoried including software that is not installed. Incorporate inventory data as well as unlimited data types, files and more.

Email Reminders

Create email reminders, associated with specific workstations or applications. Email content is unlimited, for instance, software renewals, device service or replacement and more. Emails can be set to repeat as needed.

SofTrack's Managed Assets facilitates centralized storage of all your hardware and software records and notes. Automatic workstation inventory collection can be synchronized with your records, incorporating the latest details.

Essential details are automatically gathered, customizations are unlimited. For example, indication of who installed a workstation (or application) and when, automatic email reminders, purchase history, connected devices (via manual entry) such as printer, scanner, KVM device, UPS, and so on can all be entered and tracked. Any required detail can be added via a custom column(s). Non-digital devices can also be added, chairs, tables, supplies and more. Additionally, any software can be manually added, for instance, planning for budgets or software not currently installed.