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Records storage and retrieval detail

SofTrack's Managed Assets provides a central records repository for all your software and hardware.

You will receive the ability to directly associate your purchase, maintenance, warranty and renewal records with applications and devices. Dynamically create ad-hoc details as required. Store and retrieve all required documention files. Further extending functionality is the ability to manually add applications and devices.

Set automatic email reminders for any application, device or grouping.

Records storage and retrieval includes:

  • All data stored in SQL Database for quick and easy access
  • Ability to group workstations in unlimited combinations
  • Ability to group applications in unlimited combinations
  • Add custom columns per workstation
  • Add custom columns per application
  • Ability to manually create any device for tracking
  • Ability to manually create any application for tracking
  • Create ah-hoc tables of any desired values associated with any group
  • Customized column data types include text, integer, date, accounting, and file
  • Ad-hoc table data types include text, integer, date, accounting, list and file
  • Ability to create unlimited Email Reminders
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More Details
Records Storage and Retrieval is accomplished via Managed Views allowing an unlimited ability to group your workstations+devices and applications as needed. This feature allows direct association of any record type with the items represented. Data files such as PDFs (image scans, documents, spreadsheets, any file type) of Warranties, Licenses, Contracts and more can also be directly stored and retrieved on demand.

The intention is to facilitate centralized storage of all your records and notes. For instance, indication of who installed a workstation and when, automatic service email reminders, its purchase history, connected devices (via manual entry) such as printer, scanner, KVM device, UPS, and so on can all be entered and tracked. Any required detail can be added via a custom column(s). Non-digital devices can also be added, chairs, tables, supplies and more.

Cloning the customized structure of any Managed View SQL Database+Tables is quickly performed, enabling your customization efforts to be readily re-used for each new dataset.

Sortable HTML reports and CSV exports are immediately available to provide reports.

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