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Timeout for Autodesk® Flex Licenses

Save money with a daily timeout for Autodesk® Flex License Usage

Have you considered saving money by controlling Autodesk® Flex License activity?

As you may know Autodesk® Flex licenses are charged per 24-hour period of usage. Then you realize that Autodesk® does not provide a timeout feature for Flex license usage nor is there a built-in ability to warn or notify Users when an additional day of usage is about to occur.

SofTrack provides the control you need to save costs on unwanted Autodesk® Flex license usage. No longer will an accidental usage over a weekend other time period result in unwanted expenses from your Flex license budget.

Configure Autodesk daily timeout

SofTrack automatically detects the exact Autodesk® license used for each Autodesk® application. This ensures SofTrack only controls the daily use of those Autodesk® applications that have been assigned an Autodesk® Flex license. Thus, Autodesk® applications using any other license types are unaffected, including Free Trial, Subscription, Network and all others.

Your Autodesk® Flex license users may only occassionally use Autodesk® products and may not remember that Flex licenses are consumed on a daily basis. Nor will they remember the importance of closing Autodesk® usage when no longer required. Thus, when an Autodesk® application remains in-use, but idle, for long periods of time, each 24-hour period will consume another allotment of Flex licenses thus costing money by reducing your prepaid allotment of Autodesk® Flex licenses.

SofTrack solves this problem in two ways. First, SofTrack can be configured to show the user a customizable popup message when an Autodesk® Flex license usage is detected that their usage will automatically be expired/terminated at 11:59pm. This helps remind the user of what will occur if the Autodesk® application remains in use at that time.

User popup alert that usage will be auto-terminated at the end of the day

Second, at 11:54pm (local workstation time) SofTrack will show the user a 5-minute warning to save and close the application.

User popup alert that usage will be auto-terminated in 5 minutes

And then at 11:59pm SofTrack will automatically terminate each affected Autodesk® product usage to ensure usage does not extend past 24 hours.

If the user opens multiple instances of an Autodesk® product using Flex licensing, each instance will receive its own popup-alerting and automatic termination to ensure Autodesk® Flex licenses are not continuing to be consumed.

As an additional benefit, SofTrack automatically provides Autodesk® Plugin/Addin usage detection and reporting:

Autodesk Plugin and Addin Usage Detection

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