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Understanding software usage and save money

Do you manage software licenses? Need help controlling expenses? Do you know what software is installed and being used throughout your enterprise?

We help you have a clear understanding by providing the details you need to make informed software purchasing decisions.

Our product, SofTrack Managed Assets, continuously inventories and monitors all user-initiated software usage throughout your enterprise. Our management level reporting and documentation helps you realize your software license compliance for all applications.

Avoid paying for deployed software that is never used.

Our unique technology helps you understand the level of user engagement for each software application. In addition to workstation and user, usage metrics include, per usage instance: active time, idle time, unique pages viewed. For the deepest analysis, when needed, our insightful User-Day report reveals second-by-second which applications including page title each user was actively viewing throughout the day including screensaver activity.

The level of reporting detail is your choice, for instance, simpler application usage reporting is also available, revealing how often used by workstation, by user.

For application suites, we enable fully customizable software normalization by creation of Software Categories. This ability allows related applications to become a reportable unit. Reporting by Software Category provides deep insights into suite utilization, which discrete applications within are being utilized (or not). This additional forensic provides the details you need when renewing application suites.

Additionally, Software Categories can provide the foundation for an acceptable software usage policy. Quickly discover applications engaged by users that are not approved and decide further actions.

Because not all software licenses are the same, we provide specific utilization insights, for example, Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk and Bentley Engineering licenses are specializations.

Use SofTrack Managed Assets to justify your software spend, and reduce your renewal costs by eliminating overspending on under-used applications. Usage reporting can also be help determine when user training is needed to receive beneficial results of your software budget.

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