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Hardware Status


Workstation hardware is reported daily. Details include primary user, free space on each installed disk, RAM installed, CPU count, Monitor resolution, Windows Installation Key, IsGenuine status, Experience index and much more.


All installed applications are detected and reported. Details include version, installation method, installation date and more. Recent username is also reported.


Additional reporting includes usage of each installed application. Reporting reveals unused applications, most used applications, most used application versions and much more.

Email Reminders

Create email reminders, associated with specific workstations or applications. Email content is unlimited, for instance, software renewals, device service or replacement and more. Emails can be set to repeat as needed.

Daily collection of Windows® workstation hardware and software inventory.

Application usage is automatically collected and connected to installed applications to produce activity reports of installed applications' usage.

Hourly Idle Reporting allows you to easily locate time periods of low usage to assist in application and workstation updates.

Email reminders can be configured for selected workstations, and, separately for selected applications. Reminders have a flexible configuration that includes the ability to send on a particular date+time and re-send at a predetermined frequency. Each email reminder can be sent to a common list of email addresses and/or customized email addresses.