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SofTrack provides Calendar Day Control

 Simplifying IT Asset Management: Bentley® ELS control

Bentley Systems, Inc.® has a licensing program by the name of Enterprise License Subscription. Unfortunately, it does not include a very important feature, one that many of its users are demanding: the ability to manage and control usage of Bentley® licenses on a Calendar Day basis. This is desirable to organizations can regulate their overages to a consistent and manageable level.

SofTrack provides Calendar Day (Day-By-Day) license control for your Bentley® Enterprise License Subscriptions.

You benefit by controlling your over use of Bentley® licenses and therefore reducing or eliminating your annual or other overage billing periods by Bentley®.

Unlike real-time metering offered by SofTrack and competing products, SofTrack's unique Day-By-Day metering gives you the power to control software on a Calendar Day basis. A Calendar Day is a time period from the start of a new day (midnight) to its end at 11:59:59pm. And SofTrack gives you the power to establish when the the Calendar Day begins (i.e. select the timezone, for instance, UTC+0).

SofTrack helps you save money by providing Software Asset Management of all your purchased software licenses across all versions of Windows® and Macintosh® OSX.
Controlling Calendar Day Usage
SofTrack's Day-By-Day software license metering is simple to set up and use.

Bentley Hour-By-Hour Setup

When an application is launched, SofTrack verifies a license is available for the current Calendar Day and if so, the use is allowed. If the use is not allowed, the requesting user can be optionally queued for later notification and reservation of optional use at that time.

SofTrack includes the ability to meter by "feature string" used by the Municipal License Administrator tool for the Bentley Haestad product family (CivilStorm, CulvertMaster, FlowMaster, HAMMER, PondPack, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, StormCAD, WaterCAD, and WaterGEMS).

When an application is exited, SofTrack will record the usage so you will know exactly how long the application was actually used. However, instead of allowing another user to begin using the license "right away", SofTrack holds the license until the start of the next day. Therefore, if that user who exited the application needs to start it again, they are allowed to. However, no other user can use that license until the next day.

What if the user logs out or the application/workstation crashes? In such cases, SofTrack will continue to hold the license until the start of the next day, thereby preventing "trust license" usage which can possibly lead to license overage and bills from Bentley Systems, Inc.®.
Controlling EXE and DLL Usage
SofTrack's Local Workstation Agent technology for Windows® workstations provides you with the ability to control both EXE and DLL file usage. This is important because some Bentley® applications require DLL Metering instead of EXE metering.

Further, tracking by Command Line is also supported.

By providing you with the flexibility to control software usage as required, you will benefit and save money through reduced licensing costs.

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