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  • Automated Auditing of Software Use - Automatically Discover Installed Applications throughout your enterprise
  • Audit Application Usage on your Windows PCs, Terminal & Citrix Servers, Virtualized Desktops, Virtualized Applications and Macintoshes
Audit Files Deleted, Created, Renamed, Copied and each Web Page accessed by every Windows Desktop

Auditing Software Usage

 Simplifying IT Asset Management

SofTrack provides online and offline monitoring
SofTrack provides many ways to audit your Microsoft® and Macintosh® application usage.

Audit Viewer - All Application Launches
Your choice may be simple logging of when applications are used including user and workstation or terminal sessions including Citrix®. Application usage audited includes APP-V virtualized applications as well as other virtualized environments.

Smart Inventory: Applications Usage Summary
SofTrack includes fully automated application inventory and usage tracking. Simply install SofTrack and it will immediately determine what applications are installed at each workstation and for each found will begin tracking usage.

If you choose, you can also use SofTrack to manage your application purchase records, maintenance dates and more.

With SofTrack you are in control. Receive reports detailing software usage.

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SofTrack provides software metering
Since 1988, SofTrack has provided passive and active software metering for Windows® applications. And since 2004 for Macintosh® applications.

SofTrack's software metering enables control of any Windows® and Macintosh® application. You may define an application by a single filename or by a list of filenames.

SofTrack can provide passive recording of application use. SofTrack can also be defined to control concurrent software use. By controlling concurrent application use, you can actively limit the number of workstations running a selected Windows® or Macintosh® application (or list of applications).

SofTrack also includes the ability to track and report offline application usage. SofTrack can also provide offline tracking of user logons, logouts and files accessed and copied.
Applications to meter?

The first step to software metering is determining what applications are
installed. SofTrack's Quick Inventory technology gives you the ability to quickly inventory your user workstations and find all applications installed.

With SofTrack's Quick Inventory Reports you will know what applications are installed on each workstation throughout your enterprise. The Quick Inventory reports provide you with a baseline of what applications are installed.

You can meter any application (*.EXE and *.DLL files). Software metering helps you determine what software is being used versus what is installed, this can help you justify your further investment of upgrades, additional licenses, and even if it is time to discontinue the software's use and support.

An installed Application is an in-use application?
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  • License Violations
  • Many applications installed on your workstations are in-use by merely
    being installed versus being actively used. For instance, most applications by Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Symantec and McAfee incorporate this license type.

    SofTrack's Quick Inventory reports may reveal applications being installed on workstations where you do not expect any use. If the application in question is licensed by being installed you may find that you need to remove the un-used application as its being installed is counted by its manufacturer as a consuming a license. This could expose your organization to a risk of a software audit with potential fines that can be court-enforced.

    Important: When re-purposing workstations, as occurs when upgrading certain users to higher powered machines and giving their machines to other users, it is very important to remove any licensed (i.e. purchased) applications that the workstation's new user does not require. By doing so, you reduce your risk of non-compliance if your application licenses are ever audited by the manufacturer or its representative.

    Concurrent Software Licenses

    SofTrack was initially developed (in 1987) to provide software metering for concurrent application use. Because software can be served by a remote machine (such as a server, terminal server session or other workstation) to multiple users there is a need to limit simultaneous use to a maximum number of licenses owned.

    Even software that is individually installed on separate machines can have concurrent use control. By recognizing individual software use on physically separate workstations in aggregate (across a network), concurrent control can be achieved.

    SofTrack provides complete support for metering of concurrent software use. There are no prerequistes on the software being metered as SofTrack's Local Workstation Agent technology recognizes software use by the individual application filename(s).


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