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Software crackdown hits three Bay Area companies

Byline: Robert Mullins

Three Bay Area companies are paying fines for using computer software without a valid user license.

The settlement of licensing disputes involving the three firms were announced Wednesday by the Business Software Alliance, a watchdog group representing major software companies fighting piracy.

Companies settling claims that they used unlicensed software on company computers include:

Enkata Technologies Inc., a software developer based in San Mateo, which paid BSA $34,853.75 for using more copies of Microsoft programs than it had paid to use;

Ninth House, an Internet company based in San Francisco, which agreed to pay $104,769 for using unauthorized copies of Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec software; and

Rae Systems, a manufacturing company based in Sunnyvale, which paid $123,500 for using unauthorized copies of Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft and Symantec software.

BSA reports that California has an 18.5 percent piracy rate, meaning that much of the software in use is pirated. Software piracy deprives California of $230 million in sales tax revenue, BSA claims.

First published March 19, 2003

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