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SofTrack Terminal Server Platform Support

 Simplifying your IT Asset Management: Windows® & Citrix® Terminal Session Support

Details of SofTrack's Windows® and Citrix& Terminal Services Support

SofTrack provides software usage reporting and control for your Windows® Terminal Servers and Citrix® WinFrame® and MetaFrame® servers. All client types are supported: RDP, ICA, Thin Client and so on.

SofTrack's unique local agent technology increases your ability to control your terminal server sessions with the following abilities.

Passive Application Usage Tracking

The following "passive" abilities are performed without user interruption.

  • > Record Usage - Start and Stop Times
  • > Record Active Application Time vs. Idle Time
  • > Audit Trail of all Browser Access (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.)
  • > Audit Trail includes TCP/IP address of where session originated
  • > Audit of all Logons and Logoffs including Lock/Unlock times - per session

  • The following features are currently available only for Windows®-based workstations and terminal server sessions

  • > Audit Trail of all Files Created
  • > Audit Trail of all Files Opened
  • > Audit Trail of all Files Copied
  • > Audit Trail of all Files Deleted

Active Application Control

The following "active" abilities can result in an interruption to user activity.

  • > Concurrent License Control (software metering)
  • > Block Unlicensed Use
  • > Queue Blocked Users for next available license
  • > Share Licenses across Terminal Servers
  • > Share Licenses with conventional desktops
  • > Block Multiple Launches per Session

  • The following features are currently available only for Windows®-based workstations (previous to Windows® Vista®) and terminal server sessions (previous to Windows® 2008)

  • > Detect Idle Applications
  • > Automatically Terminate Idle Applications
  • > Require user to enter client code prior to use
  • > Deny Creation of Executable Files

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