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Perth Architecture firm pays settlement for software piracy

Tuesday, 09 June 2009 12:03
James Thomson

An architecture firm based in Perth has reached a settlement with software piracy enforcement group The Business Software Alliance, after it allegedly used unlicensed Microsoft and Adobe products. The BSA reached a settlement with Peter Hunt Architects over a claim that the firm was using unlicensed products. Under the settlement, the company has purchased the licenses to the products it was using.

Representatives from Peter Hunt Architects had not returned calls at the time of publication.

The BSA claims that piracy is rife within Australia, and estimates that about 35% of all installed software in the country is illegal.

A recent Newspoll survey also found that 64% of consumers are now more tempted to illegally download software during the downturn.

BSA co-chair Clare Wharrier said that companies must respect software licensing and ensure it pays the proper prices for products, especially during the downturn.

The BSA claims that the loss of revenue as a result of computer piracy has grown from $409 million in 2004 to $613 million last year.

"This case reminds organisations that they are legally obliged to ensure they hold current licenses for all of the software in their possession," she told The Australian.

"Unlicensed software use has far-reaching negative economic impacts beyond the resellers and IT professionals who rely upon the sales and implementation of genuine licensed software. Government revenues and investment in Australian innovation is also affected.

First published June 9, 2009

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